Research Projects (since Sept 2012)


A Novel Approach to Software Debloating: Improving Security and Performance in Post-Deployment Environments (RGC ECS,2024-27, HK$1.03M, Chenxiong QIAN)
Advancing Sampling Methods via Diffusion-Based Monte Carlo (RGC ECS,2024-27, HK$0.83M, Difan ZOU)
Arbitrary-Control Backdoor Threats in Federated Learning: Attacks and Defenses (RGC ECS,2024-27, HK$0.93M, Ka-Ho CHOW)
Efficient Multi-Task LLM Generative Serving in Heterogeneous Clusters (RGC GRF,2024-27, HK$1.20M, Chuan WU)
Achieving High-performance and Reliable Transaction/Analytical Processing in Edge Computing (RGC GRF,2024-27, HK$1.04M, Heming CUI)
Dynamic non-prehensile manipulation of cloth fabric using multi-modal planning (RGC GRF,2024-27, HK$1.13M, Jia PAN)
New Methods for Large-scale Motion Prediction for Car Accident Avoidance via Adversarial Diffusion Models (RGC GRF,2024-26, HK$0.69M, Ping LUO)
Energy-efficient optimal quantum metrology: fundamental limits, protocols, and indefinite causal orders. (RGC GRF,2024-27, HK$0.91M, Yuxiang YANG)
Statistical Acoustic Sensing: Theories, Techniques, and Applications (RGC GRF,2024-27, HK$1.04M, Chenshu WU)
Towards Next-generation Artificial Auditory System with Brain-inspired Technologies (RGC CRF, 2024-27, HK$0.7M, Dong XU)
Empowering Hong Kong Finance with A Quantum Algorithm Platform (RGC RIF, 2024-29, HK$1.29M, Qi ZHAO)
Trustworthy Federated Learning Against Model Leakage (Croucher Foundation Start-up, 2024-29, HK$0.5M, Ka-Ho CHOW)
Diamond-based Multi-modal Quantum Sensing of Nanomagnetism (RGC TRS 2024, HK$0.5M, Giulio CHIRIBELLA)
High-performance Collaborative Edge Computing Enabling Smart City Applications: Framework and Methodologies (RGC TRS, 2024-28, HK$2.7M, Chuan WU)
Quantum Entangled Subspace and Its Applications (NNSF, 2024-26, HK$0.3M, Qi ZHAO)
Quantum-enhanced Metrology (NNSF, 2024-26, HK$2.1M, Yuxiang YANG)
Generalization Analysis of Stochastic Optimization Algorithms in Training Neural Network Models (NNSF, 2024-26, HK$0.3M, Difan ZOU)
Hamiltonian simulation algorithms with physical inputs and observables (GNSF, 2023-25, HK$0.1M, Qi ZHAO)
Self-Supervised Learning for User Behavior Modeling and Representation Learning (CCF-Tencent Rhino-Bird Fund, from 2023, RMB¥0.15M, Chao Huang)
Compact ECDSA Signatures for Smaller Blockchain (RGC GRF, 2023-25, HK$0.7M, John Yuen)
Decentralized Private and Communication-Efficient Clustered Federated Learning among Self-Motivated Nodes in Byzantine Networks (RGC GRF, 2023-25, HK$1.1M, Hubert Chan)
Efficient Distributed GNN Learning over Large Dynamic Graphs (RGC GRF, 2023-25, HK$1.1M, Chuan Wu)
Hybrid Neuro-Probabilistic Reasoning for Attribute-Based Verifiable Medical Diagnosis (RGC GRF, 2023-25, HK$1.1M, Yizhou Yu)
Multiparameter Non-Markovian Quantum Metrology: from Theory to Quantum Sensor Design (RGC ECS, 2023-25, HK$0.7M, Yuxiang Yang)
Stochastic Online Matching Problems Through Expressive Linear Program Formulations (RGC GRF, 2023-25, HK$1.1M, Zhiyi Huang)
Trustworthy quantum gadgets for secure online communication (RGC RIF, 2022-27, HK$6.8M, Giulio Chiribella)
Secure and Incentivized Data Sharing with Enhanced Ownership for Decentralized Networks (RGC RIF, 2022-26, HK$1.1M, Allen Au (Co-PI))
A Signal Processing-Deep Learning Co-Design for Practical Deep Wireless Sensing (RGC ECS, 2022-25, HK$1.2M, Chenshu Wu)
Automatic Understanding and Generation of Long Descriptive Text (NSFC/RGC, 2022-25, HK$0.9M, Lingpeng Kong)
Distributed Protocols for Allocation and Selection Problems among Self-Serving Agents: Fairness, Security, Communication Efficiency (RGC GRF, 2022-25, HK$0.8M, Hubert Chan)
he Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime, Second Phase (QISS 2) (JTF, 2022-25, HK$0.8M, Giulio Chiribella)
Manipulation of Objects with a Full Body Model with Fingers (RGC GRF, 2022-25, HK$0.7M, Taku Komura)
New Deep Learning Approaches for Understanding Human Motions among Cities in the World (RGC GRF, 2022-25, HK$1.0M, Ping Luo)
Semi-device-independent cryptographic applications of a single trusted quantum system (RGC GRF, 2022-25, HK$0.8M, R. Ramanathan)
ARM Architecture for Bioinformatics (URC Seed, 2022-24, HK$0.06M, Ruibang Luo)
Cancer mutation detection using Single Molecule Sequencing (RGC GRF, 2022-24, HK$0.6M, Ruibang Luo)
Cross-Modality Contactless Sensing for Multi-Target Interaction and Healthcare (HKU-TCL, 2022-24, HK$1.8M, Chenshu Wu)
FaCEE: A Fast Concolic Execution Engine for Fuzz Testing (URC Seed, 2022-24, HK$0.2M, Chenxiong Qian)
Foundations for Implicit Type-Directed Computation with Subtyping (RGC GRF, 2022-24, HK$0.8M, Bruno Oliveira)
High-Accuracy Low-Cost Ubiquitous Indoor Location System (URC Seed, 2022-24, HK$0.2M, Chenshu Wu)
New Frontiers of Lattice-Based Cryptography (RGC GRF, 2022-24, HK$0.7M, Allen Au)
Online Correlated Selection: Theory and Applications to Online Algorithms (RGC GRF, 2022-24, HK$0.8M, Zhiyi Huang)
Optimization Under Uncertainty (MRPO NSFC, 2022-24, HK$2.5M, Zhiyi Huang)
Quantum resource lifting; quantum computing and metrology under the resource theory framework (MRPO GDST, 2022-24, HK$0.1M, Yuxiang Yang)
Towards Next-Generation 3D Scene Understanding (URC Seed, 2022-24, HK$0.08M, Hengshuang Zhao)
Using generative adversarial networks against noise in near-term quantum computing (URC Seed, 2022-24, HK$0.2M, Yuxiang Yang)
Efficient Public Key Encryption against Side-Channels Attacks (URC Seed, 2022-23, HK$0.06M, John Yuen)
UTEE: A Secure, Efficient, and Portable Distributed Bigdata Computing System on Heterogeneous Trusted Execution Devices (Faculty-KEA, 2022-23, HK$0.1M, Heming Cui)
Motif-Paths: A New Technique for Higher-Order Graph Analytics (URC Seed, 2022, HK$0.07M, Reynold Cheng)
New Frontiers of Efficient Attention Mechanisms (URC Seed, 2022, HK$0.07M, Lingpeng Kong)
Robotic Excavator for Efficient and Non-destructive Exposure of Archaeological Remains (URC Seed, 2022, HK$0.2M, Jia Pan)
Towards a Unified Framework for Scalable and Reliable Structured Knowledge Grounding in Task-oriented Dialogue Systems (URC Seed, 2022, HK$0.07M, Tao Yu)
Towards efficient and participant-governed exchange of genetic variants in large-scale population genome (URC Seed, 2022, HK$0.07M, Ruibang Luo)
Building Platform Technologies for Symbiotic Creativity in Hong Kong (RGC TRS, 2021-26, HK$1.1M, Wenping Wang (Co-PI))
Assess Antibiotic Resistome Flows from Pollution Hotspots to Environments and Explore the Control Strategies (RGC TRS, 2021-25, HK$0.8M, Ruibang Luo)
Quantum Causal Discovery and the Foundations of Quantum Artificial Intelligence (RGC SRFS, 2021-25, HK$7.8M, Giulio Chiribella)
Optimizing Distributed GNN Training on Large Graphs (RGC GRF, 2021-24, HK$1.1M, Chuan Wu)
Practical Generic Ring Signature towards the Post-Quantum Era (RGC ECS, 2021-24, HK$0.4M, John Yuen)
研发将单分子测序运用于癌症体细胞变异检测的实验方案与算法 (MRPO Shenzhen Fund, 2021-24, HK$0.7M, Ruibang Luo)
Animating and Capturing Close Interactions (URC Seed, 2021-23, HK$0.2M, Taku Komura)
Device-Independent Random Number Generation and Quantum Key Distribution with Weak Random Seeds (RGC ECS, 2021-23, HK$0.6M, R. Ramanathan)
Efficient and Private Distributed Protocols against Byzantine Nodes in Noisy Communication Networks (RGC GRF, 2021-23, HK$0.8M, Hubert Chan)
Fast monitoring and stabilization of quantum communication links for high-performance quantum networks (RGC GRF, 2021-23, HK$0.9M, Giulio Chiribella)
Mechanized Local Type-Inference with Subtyping and Dependent Types (RGC GRF, 2021-23, HK$0.6M, Bruno Oliveira)
PERQ: Predicting, Explaining, and Rectifying Failed Questions in KB-QA Systems (HKU-TCL, 2021-23, HK$0.2M, Ben Kao)
Practical Post-Quantum Zero-Knowledge Proofs (RGC GRF, 2021-23, HK$0.7M, Allen Au)
Tactile Perception and Analysis for Digital Archaeology (URC Seed, 2021-23, HK$0.09M, Jia Pan)
Deep Learning of auto tagging for Cyber Crime Intelligence (URC Seed, 2021-22, HK$0.1M, Kam-Pui Chow)
Efficient Multi-head Attention Mechanism for Sequence Modelling (URC Seed, 2021-22, HK$0.2M, Lingpeng Kong)
GIVE : A Generic and Intelligent Service for Community Support (KEO, 2021-22, HK$0.2M, Reynold Cheng)
Keeping Distance (KEO, 2021-22, HK$0.1M, Hing-Fung Ting)
On Large-Scale Transportation and Event Analytics (HKU-Engg, 2021-22, HK$0.6M, Reynold Cheng)
Decentralized Digital Identity Management System (URC Seed, 2021, HK$0.9M, John Yuen)
Whole-body Landmark Trajectory and Motion Prediction: Accurate, Fast and Robust Neural Architecture Search for Video (URC Seed, 2021, HK$0.06M, Ping Luo)
Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong (RGC TRS, 2020-25, HK$43.3M, Wenping Wang)
Accelerating Distributed DNN Training through Fine-grained Communication and Computation Placement and Scheduling (RGC GRF, 2020-23, HK$0.8M, Chuan Wu)
Highly Accurate and Efficient Scene Understanding via Mixture of Neural Sub-Network Architecture Search (RGC ECS, 2020-23, HK$1.1M, Ping Luo)
On 3D Tooth Tracking and Reconstruction Using Consumer Cameras with Applications in Digital Orthodontics (RGC GRF, 2020-23, HK$0.6M, Wenping Wang)
Using Knowledge Graphs for Long-Tail Keyword Query Recommendation in Video Search (HKU-TCL, 2020-23, HK$1M, Reynold Cheng)
抗量子隐私保护密码方案的关键技术研究 (MRPO NSFC, 2020-23, HK$0.7M, Allen Au)
A data centric approach for constructing multiple sequence alignments (RGC GRF, 2020-22, HK$0.5M, Hing-Fung Ting)
Deep Learning-Driven Schedulers for Distributed Machine Learning Clusters (RGC GRF, 2020-22, HK$0.7M, Chuan Wu)
Effective Navigation in Dense Crowds: Getting Robot Unlost, Unfrozen, and Unobtrusive using Deep Reinforcement Learning (RGC GRF, 2020-22, HK$0.7M, Jia Pan)
Foundations for Dependently Typed Object-Oriented Languages (RGC GRF, 2020-22, HK$0.7M, Bruno Oliveira)
Self-Supervised Knowledge Distillation and Neural Architecture Search for Video Classification and Detection (HKU-TCL, 2020-22, HK$1M, Ping Luo)
Towards Blockchain-Enabled Post-Quantum Secure Data Sharing Platform (URC Seed, 2020-22, HK$0.2M, Allen Au)
Approximated and Competitive Selling with Partial Assignment (URC Seed, 2020-21, HK$0.07M, Hing-Fung Ting)
Cloud Appreciation: Imaging the Sky (KEO, 2020-21, HK$0.9M, Hing-Fung Ting)
Effective and Efficient Embedding Solutions for Uncertain Many-Graph Databases (URC Seed, 2020-21, HK$0.06M, Reynold Cheng)
Privacy-preserving Blockchain by Trusted Platform Module (URC Seed, 2020-21, HK$0.08M, John Yuen)
Security of Relativistic Quantum Cryptography (URC Seed, 2020-21, HK$0.2M, R. Ramanathan)
Cancer Mutation Detection using Single Molecule Sequencing (URC Seed, 2020, HK$0.05M, Ruibang Luo)
Evaluating Motif Discovery Queries on Large Graph Databases (URC Seed, 2020, HK$0.05M, Reynold Cheng)
Intelligent Robotics for Elderly Assistance in Hong Kong (URC Seed, 2020, HK$0.3M, Wenping Wang)
Fighting Disease Recurrence and Promoting Tissue Repair after Liver Transplantation: Translating Basic Discoveries to Clinical Excellence (RGC TRS, 2019-24, HK$1.1M, Tak-Wah Lam (Co-PI) )
Fully Online Matching (RGC GRF, 2019-23, HK$0.7M, Zhiyi Huang)
Next Generation Digital Camera Imaging: Human Centered Image Reconstruction, Enhancement and Evaluation (RGC RIF, 2019-23, HK$1M, Yizhou Yu (Co-PI))
A Computational Study on Tooth Alignment in Digital Orthodontics (RGC GRF, 2019-22, HK$0.7M, Wenping Wang )
Data-Driven Sketch Interfaces for Modeling Objects Characterized by Curvilinear Structures (RGC GRF, 2019-22, HK$0.7M, Yizhou Yu)
Multi-stage Big Data Analytics for Complex Systems : Methodologies and Applications (RGC CRF, 2019-22, HK$0.3M, Chuan Wu (Co-PI))
Self-Calibrating Photometric Stereo for Non-Lambertian Surfaces (RGC GRF, 2019-22, HK$0.5M, Kenneth Wong)
The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime (QISS) (JTF, 2019-22, HK$1.3M, Giulio Chiribella)
Artificial Intelligence for Legal Services: Sentencing Wizard on Drug Trafficking (KEO, 2019-21, HK$0.2M, Ben Kao (Co-PC))
Digging the Past Together : International Public Engagement in Near Eastern Archaeological Research (KEO, 2019-21, HK$0.2M, Wenping Wang (Co-PC))
Efficient Neural Architecture Search for Human Instructional Video Generation and Editing (URC Seed, 2019-21, HK$0.2M, Ping Luo)
Fully-Decentralized and Near-Optimal Large-Scale Multi-Robot Collision Avoidance via Deep Learning (RGC GRF, 2019-21, HK$0.6M, Jia Pan)
Genuine multi-channel enhancements in quantum communication networks (URC Seed, 2019-21, HK$0.09M, Giulio Chiribella)
ML-Ada: An adaptive multiple sequence alignment tool enlightened by machine learning (URC Seed, 2019-21, HK$0.05M, Hing-Fung Ting)
Quantum sensor networks: optimized design, performance benchmarks, and cryptographic applications (RGC GRF, 2019-21, HK$0.7M, Giulio Chiribella)
A Cloud-backed Intelligent Walker for the Elderly (URC Seed, 2019-20, HK$0.2M, Chuan Wu)
Automated Analysis of Dark Web Threat Intelligence (URC Seed, 2019-20, HK$0.1M, Kam-Pui Chow)
Drone Programming and AI (KEO, 2019-20, HK$0.1M, Kenneth Wong)
Secure processing of encrypted cloud data (URC Seed, 2019-20, HK$0.2M, John Yuen)
Building the first Variant-Disease Association database base on millions of full-text biomedical literature: A deep learning approach (URC Seed, 2019, HK$0.05M, Ruibang Luo)
New​​Systems​ ​and​ ​Algorithms​​for​ ​Preserving​ ​Big-data​​Privacy​ ​in​ ​Clouds (RGC GRF, 2018-22, HK$0.5M, Heming Cui)
Private and I/O-Efficient Concurrent Data Structures and Parallel Algorithms (RGC GRF, 2018-22, HK$0.7M, Hubert Chan)
Theory of Quantum Communication With Indefinite Causal Order (Croucher, 2018-22, HK$2.7M, Giulio Chiribella)
An Artificial Neural Network-based discriminator for validating clinically significant genomic variants (RGC ECS, 2018-21, HK$0.6M, Ruibang Luo)
Real-Time Reconstruction of 3D Thin Structures with an RGBD Camera (RGC GRF, 2018-21, HK$0.7M, Wenping Wang)
Spectral Analysis and Optimization Problems in Directed Hypergraph Diffusion Processes (RGC GRF, 2018-21, HK$0.7M, Hubert Chan)
Accountable Privacy-Preserving Authentications: New Construction from Post-Quantum Cryptography (RGC ECS, 2018-20, HK$0.6M, Allen Au)
An Artificial Neural Network based SNP and InDel Caller for Third-Generation Sequencing Data (URC Seed, 2018-20, HK$0.2M, Ruibang Luo)
Dynamic Scheduling and Pricing of Geo-Distributed Big Data Analytics Jobs with Online Optimization and Online Learning (URC Seed, 2018-20, HK$0.08M, Chuan Wu)
Foundations for Polymorphic Delegation-Based Languages using Disjoint Intersection Types (RGC GRF, 2018-20, HK$0.7M, Bruno Oliveira)
Understanding Price of Anarchy via the Duality Framework (RGC GRF, 2018-20, HK$0.7M, Zhiyi Huang)
Bioinformatics Algorithms and Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis, Faculty-KEA, 2018-19, HK$0.1M, Tak-Wah Lam)
Detecting anomalous behavior for PLC-based systems using machine learning (URC Seed, 2018-19, HK$0.1M, Kam-Pui Chow)
Sketch-Based Object Modeling Using Deep Learning (URC Seed, 2018-19, HK$0.05M, Yizhou Yu)
Speeding up AI Tasks in the Device-Fog-Cloud Trichotomy (URC Seed, 2018-19, HK$0.1M, Francis Lau)
The Science and Engineering of Music (KEO, 2018-19, HK$0.09M, Francis Lau)
Using Meta-Structures for Long-Tail Web Query Recommendation (URC Seed, 2018-19, HK$0.06M, Reynold Cheng)
UGE: Effective, Adaptive, and Efficient Mining of Large Uncertain Graphs (URC Seed, 2018, HK$0.06M, Reynold Cheng)
Centre for Genomic Studies on Plant-Environment Interaction for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (RGC AoE, 2017-25, HK$0.2M, Siu-Ming Yiu (Co-PI))
3D Design Algorithms and Dexterous Robotic Sewing for Customized Garment Fabrication (NSFC/RGC, 2017-20, HK$0.6M, Jia Pan)
Compressed Quantum Dynamics: Storing, Programming, and Simulating Physical Processes with Minimum-Sized Quantum System (RGC GRF, 2017-20, HK$0.3M, Giulio Chiribella)
GAIA: Strengthening the Reliability of Datacenter Computing via Fast Distributed Consensus (RGC GRF, HK$0.5M, Heming Cui)
Investigations of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, and Optimal Scheduling in Distributed Machine Learning Clusters (URC SEG, 2017-20, HK$0.9M, Chuan Wu)
Modeling 3D Free-Form Objects from a Single Image (RGC GRF, 2017-20, HK$0.7M, Wenping Wang)
Security and Privacy-enhancing Technologies for Cloud Storage of Big Data (RGC CRF, 2017-20, HK$1.1M, Siu-Ming Yiu (Co-PI))
The information-theoretic power of quantum causal structures (MPRO NSFC, 2017-20, HK$0.7M, Giulio Chiribella)
Algorithmic Studies of Network Function Virtualization Systems: Dynamic VNF Deployment, Scaling and Pricing (RGC GRF, 2017-19, HK$0.7M, Chuan Wu)
An IoT + Cloud Data Analytics Platform for Elderly Monitoring in Smart Homes (URC PTF, 2017-19, HK$0.9M, Chuan Wu)
Collaborative Mobile Robot Search and Evacuation (RGC GRF, 2017-19, HK$0.5M, Francis Lau)
Quantum-limited amplification and noise reduction in multimode Gaussian systems (URC Seed, 2017-19, HK$0.07M, Giulio Chiribella)
RapidPL: Semantic Modularity for Rapid Programming Language Implementation (RGC GRF, 2017-19, HK$0.7M, Bruno Oliveira)
IoT Security Evaluation Testbed (URC Seed, 2017-18, HK$0.1M, Kam-Pui Chow)
Managing Uncertainty of Heterogeneous Big Multimedia Data (URC Seed, 2017-18, HK$0.04M, Reynold Cheng)
Resource Management and Optimization in Cloud Computing Systems (MRPO NSFC, 2017-18, HK$0.2M, Chuan Wu)
The invisible ultra-violet (UV) radiation (KEO, 2017-18, HK$0.1M, Francis Lau)
Meeting two challenges in the research of multiple sequence alignment: Twilight zone and giant families (URC Seed, 2017, HK$0.04M, Hing-Fung Ting)
Probative value of digital evidence in digital forensic investigation (HKU-KCL, 2017, HK$0.02M, Kam-Pui Chow)
RepBox: Transparent State Machine Replication and its Applications (Croucher, 2016-21, HK$5M, Heming Cui)
Discovering and Querying Meta-Graphs in Large Heterogeneous Information Networks (RGC GRF, 2016-20, HK$0.7M, Reynold Cheng)
Energy-efficient quantum information processing (RGC GRF, 2016-20, HK$0.3M, Giulio Chiribella)
The Algorithmic and Information Theoretic Foundations of Bayesian Mechanism Design (RGC GRF, 2016-20, HK$0.7M, Zhiyi Huang)
Computation of Optimal Partitions with Capacity Constraints (RGC GRF, 2016-19, HK$0.7M, Wenping Wang)
FALCON: Modeling, Detecting, and Defending against Concurrency Attacks (RGC ECS, 2016-19, HK$0.6M, Heming Cui)
Group Traveling Salesman Problems and Network Connectivity Problems on Fully Dynamic Metric Spaces with Bounded Growth (RGC GRF, 2016-19, HK$0.7M, Hubert Chan)
Modeling of Anisotropic Porous Structures (MPRO NSFC, 2016-19, HK$0.7M, Wenping Wang)
Problems, Solutions, and Optimization for Modern Clouds (RGC CRF, 2016-19, HK$4.5M, Francis Lau)
Quantum Causal Structures (JTF, 2016-19, HK$2M, Giulio Chiribella)
TAQA: An Open Knowledge-based Question-Answering System for Answering Questions with Complex Semantics Constraints (RGC GRF, 2016-19, HK$0.6M, Ben Kao)
The Observer Observed : a Bayesian Route to the Reconstruction of Quantum Theory (FQXi Fund, 2016-19, HK$0.9M, Giulio Chiribella)
Dynamic Algorithms for Connectivity and Densest Subgraph Problems (URC Seed, 2016-18, HK$0.05M, Hubert Chan)
FunJ: Improving JVM Compilation of Functional Programs using Imperative Functional Objects (URC Seed, 2016-18, HK$0.05M, Bruno Oliveira)
New Frontiers of the Online Primal Dual Technique: Convex Programs and Limitations of the Canonical Approach (RGC GRF, 2016-18, HK$0.5M, Zhiyi Huang)
Optimal manipulations of quantum resources for precision measurements and control (URC Seed, 2016-18, HK$0.2M, Giulio Chiribella)
Pricing Dynamic Cloud Resource Provisioning and Scaling via Auctions (RGC GRF, 2016-18, HK$0.5M, Chuan Wu)
Scalable, Effective and Privacy-Aware Location-based Services for Big Traffic Data (URC Seed, 2016-18, HK$0.1M, Reynold Cheng)
Earthquake in Hong Kong? (KEO, 2016-17, HK$0.1M, Francis Lau)
LAPS: A Scalable Location-Aware Publish/Subscribe System (URC Seed, 2016-17, HK$0.03M, Reynold Cheng)
Secure schemes for data storage and processing in clouds (URC Seed, 2016-17, HK$0.05M, Siu-Ming Yiu)
SPEAR – Special Portable Extendible Attack Research Unit (URC Seed, 2016-17, HK$0.1M, Kam-Pui Chow)
The study and development of methods for improving multiple sequence alignment (URC Seed, 2016, HK$0.04M, Hing-Fung Ting)
Primal-Dual Mathematical Programming Methods for Online Matching Problems with Generalized Constraints (RGC GRF, 2015-19, HK$0.5M, Hubert Chan)
Efficient Query Algorithms for Uncertain Graph Databases (RGC GRF, 2015-18, HK$0.5M, Reynold Cheng)
Learning from Demonstrations for Robotic Manipulation of Deformable Objects (RGC GRF, 2015-18, HK$0.4M, Jia Pan)
Semantics-Aware Digital Photo Editing and Enhancement (RGC GRF, 2015-18, HK$0.9M, Yizhou Yu)
Sketch-Based Surface Modeling with Control on Lines of Curvature (RGC GRF, 2015-18, HK$0.7M, Wenping Wang)
ALGEBRA: A Programming Language for Developing Software Product Lines based on Object Algebras (RGC ECS, 2015-17, HK$0.7M, Bruno Oliveira)
Oblivious Matching Algorithms on Unknown (Hyper) Graphs (RGC GRF, 2015-17, HK$0.9M, Hubert Chan)
OWL: Automatically Identifying and Avoiding Concurrency Attacks (URC Seed, 2015-17, HK$0.1M, Heming Cui)
High-Efficiency Resource Provisioning in Clouds (URC Seed, 2015-16, HK$0.1M, Francis Lau)
Managing Crowdsourced Databases: A Probabilistic Approach (URC Seed, 2015-16, HK$0.04M, Reynold Cheng)
Programming creations for schools (KEO, 2015-16, HK$0.04M, Francis Lau)
Security and privacy in genomic data (URC Seed, 2015-16, HK$0.04M, Siu-Ming Yiu)
Algorithms for Online Scheduling and Routing of Coflows (URC Seed, 2015, HK$0.04M, Francis Lau)
Real-time and Reliable Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots (URC Seed, 2015, HK$0.1M, Jia Pan)
New Methods for 3D Packing of Irregular Objects (RGC GRF, 2014-17, HK$0.9M, Wenping Wang)
Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms in Economic Markets (RGC ECS, 2014-17, HK$0.9M, Zhiyi Huang)
Research problems on carving and tamper detection of fragmented multimedia evidence for forensic investigation (NSFC/RGC, 2014-17, HK$1.1M, Siu-Ming Yiu)
A Fixed Viewpoint Approach for Shape from Refraction (RGC GRF, 2014-16, HK$0.6M, Kenneth Wong)
A new Programming Language for Type-Safe Modularity (URC Seed, 2014-16, HK$0.1M, Bruno Oliveira)
Classification Driven Levelsets for Interactive Image and Video Segmentation (RGC GRF, 2014-16, HK$0.6M, Yizhou Yu)
Models and Algorithms for Optimal Allocation Rules in Choice Problems (URC Seed, 2014-16, HK$0.05M, Hubert Chan)
Privacy-Preserving Algorithms for Combinatorial Optimization Problems (URC Seed, 2014-16, HK$0.1M, Zhiyi Huang)
The Economics of Federated Multi-Provider Clouds: Pricing, Exchanges and Job Scheduling (RGC GRF, 2014-16, HK$0.6M, Chuan Wu)
A Systematic Approach for Online Auction Fraud Detection (URC Seed, 2014-15, HK$0.1M, Kam-Pui Chow)
Automated Item Picking for Warehousing (URC Seed, 2014-15, HK$0.1M, Jia Pan)
CRISIS -Critical Infrastructure Incident Simulator (KEO, 2014-15, HK$0.1M, Kam-Pui Chow)
Effective Noise Removal Algorithms for Ambiguous Databases (URC Seed, 2014-15, HK$0.05M, Reynold Cheng)
Graph connectivity problems for modern applications (URC Seed, 2014-15, HK$0.05M, Francis Chin)
Leakage resilient lattice-based cryptographic schemes (URC Seed, 2014-15, HK$0.05M, Siu-Ming Yiu)
Sea Level Measurement Device for Everyone (KEO, 2014-15, HK$0.09M, Francis Lau)
Fast Distributed Algorithms for Information Dissemination in Multi-channel Radio Networks (URC Seed, 2014, HK$0.04M, Francis Lau)
Robotics in Daily Life (KEO, 2014, HK$0.05M, Francis Chin)
Online Strategy for Maximizing Sellers Revenue (RGC GRF, 2013-17, HK$0.5M, Francis Chin)
Continuous Discriminant Latent Topic Model (CD-LTM) for Facial Expression Recognition and Generation (RGC GRF, 2013-16, HK$0.7M, Kwok-Ping Chan)
Shape-preserving mesh and its computation (MPRO NSFC, 2013-16, HK$0.8M, Wenping Wang)
Studies on Medial Axis Surfaces for 3D Shape Modeling and Analysis (RGC GRF, 2013-16, HK$0.8M, Wenping Wang)
Multiphase Implicit Functions for Geometric Modeling of Heterogeneous Volume Objects (RGC GRF, 2013-15, HK$0.5M, Yizhou Yu)
Reconstruction of mirror surfaces from uncalibrated camera (URC SP, 2013-15, HK$0.08M, Kenneth Wong)
Photometric Stereo under Near-Light with Attenuation (URC SP, 2013-14, HK$0.07M, Dirk Schnieders)
Query-efficient representations of uncertain graphs (URC Seed, 2013-14, HK$0.08M, Reynold Cheng)
Software protection in smart meters (URC Seed, 2013-14, HK$0.05M, Siu-Ming Yiu)
Tracking and visualizing mitral valve in 3D echocardiography (URC Seed, 2013-14, HK$0.1M, Kenneth Wong)
Design and analysis of algorithms for online bin packing: Old challenges and new opportunities (RGC GRF, 2012-16, HK$0.7M, Hing-Fung Ting)
Dynamic Predictive Algorithms for Seamless Scaling of Social Media Applications in Multi-Provider Clo
Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms on Multi-User Data in Ubiquitous Computing Environments (RGC ECS, 2012-16, HK$0.6M, Hubert Chan)
Free-Form Shape Modeling Using Cyclides (RGC GRF, 2012-15, HK$0.9M, Wenping Wang)
Next-Generation Sequencing Algorithms (RGC GRF, 2012-15, HK$0.9M, Francis Chin)
Resource Searching and Diversified Tag Recommendation in Social Tagging Systems (RGC GRF, 2012-15, HK$0.5M, Ben Kao)
新一代基因测序技术的算法研究 (MRPO - Shenzhen Fund, 2012-14, HK$0.3M, Francis Chin)


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