Programmes in Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers the following research postgraduate programmes in both full-time and part-time modes:

  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • 3-year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  • 4-year Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Candidates are required to follow an approved programme of study and research under the supervision of at least one supervisor. Results of research must be presented in the form of a thesis. Each candidate is required to take an oral examination on the subject matter of his/her thesis and perform satisfactorily before receiving the degree. A PhD candidate beyond the probation period is required to give a departmental seminar before thesis submission. Research publication is strongly encouraged.

Period of Study

Study periodProbationary periodStudy periodProbationary period
MPhil 24 months 12 months 36 months 18 months
3-year PhD 36 months 12 months 54 months 18 months
4-year PhD 48 months 18 months 72 months 24 months

Candidates without a research Master's degree shall be considered for admission to a 4-year PhD programme, and those who have research Master's degrees shall be considered for admission to a 3-year PhD programme. Applicant attained a Bachelor's degree with 1st class honor or GPA above 3.70 is eligible to apply for the 4-year PhD programme.

Requirements on Courses and Seminars

  1. An M.Phil. or Ph.D. student needs to give a satisfactory presentation of his/her research proposal as part of the requirements for confirmation of candidature before the end of the probationary period. Upon supervisor's recommendation and FHDC's approval, an MPhil student may transfer his/her candidature to that for the degree of Ph.D.
  2. A student needs to give a departmental pre-graduate seminar about his/her thesis work before thesis defense. This seminar is mandatory for students registered on or after September 1, 2005 and strongly recommended for students registered earlier.
  3. At least 50% of the required departmental courses should be finished by the end of the probationary period. In addition, the students need to complete courses offered by the Graduate School. Please follow the links to see the detailed course requirements:

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